In Minerale Relasjoner you find photographs depicting different stadiums of minerals in transformation. Formed as raw materials as natural landscapes, through refining and processing to new urban landscapes. Relating to nature, culture and facts. The text-excerpts included, varies from descriptive geology, sing-along local songs, archaeologist descriptions, recipe and popular culture written in Norwegian.

Used as a storyteller the rock often appears in Eldøy’s artistic works and photographs. The occurrence of geological history, minerals and stones is often discussed and looked at from different angels, and in a broad perspective - reaching from a tiny grain of sand to solid mountain forms. Like how rocks in different shapes and forms are involved in all stages of our surroundings. Making the outlines of the landscapes we relate to; with natural formations like hills and islets, or as building materials and industrial inventions. Either way, stone products shape our residences and our living patterns.

Åsne Eldøy (born in 1987, Bergen) is a Norwegian artist who works within the medium of photography, publications and installations. Mixing the language of looking, writing and building. Eldøy holds background as a photojournalist and an investigating approach serves as working method.

330 NOK / 33 € / 40 $

Published 2018
13x18 cm. / 65 pages
Digital Giclee print
70 numbered copies