The publication goes into the process and archive around the project The Gravity Of a Lake Focused Into One Point (2015-2017), elaborate on the produced artworks and their relation to the topics of the project.

During the 1960s Arild Våge Berge´s grandfather was administrator of a hydro power company and responsible for the construction of a hydro electrical power station in the mountains above the small community of Bjørke in Hjørundfjord. The project was large in scale and technically difficult. The facility remains the most serious alternation of the landscape in the area today. 

Unlike the many engineers in his family, Arild has chosen to pursue a life as an artist. He has been critical towards the intrusion the power station has made into the natural landscape. At the same time, the power station has shaped his close relationship with nature and he has been a part of this environment  since his childhood.

Berge combines material from his grandfather`s private archive and objects from the power station with his own process material in an art project about technology, family history, landscape and the archive.

Arild Våge Berge  (b1983) comes from Ørsta. He holds a Bachelors degree in photography and Masters degree in fine art from Bergen Art Academy.

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Published 2018
22 x 17cm. / 145 pages
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